Four Faces

by Patrick Ames

Released 2017
Released 2017
Singer/Songwriter Patrick Ames is featured on a MIDI guitar synthesizer. From the Gospel-driven, political revival Reawakened, to the skip-down-the-sidewalk This Old Town. "The organic energy of this collection is addictive."-StereoStickman, 2/2017
The singer/songwriter is writing and performing the best music of his lifetime. His day gig as a book editor and publisher only boisters the simple authenticy of his lyrics: crafted but creative.

Four Faces = 4 Tracks:
1. “Reawakened” — The rockhouse gospel and #1 Track on the EP. Think Sly and the Family Stone.
2. “The Lonely Lie So Easily” — Down-tempo foggy SF nightish. Features a MIDI trio: piano, bass, and sax.
3. “The Meaning of Life” — Quirky, off-beat, indie, …
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