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by Patrick Ames

Released 2015
Released 2015
A singer/songwriter at the height of his powers, Patrick Ames weaves minimalistic folk rock with highly charged lyrics – the combination is powerful, intelligent, and authentic.
  • 04:26 Lyrics Do You Think That You Love Me

    Do You Think That You Love Me
    by Patrick Ames. © 2015. All rights reserved.

    I have to go
    it’s my time
    for the big show
    I’m overdue
    but before I go
    in black cadillacs
    there’s one thing from you
    i want to ask

    do you think that you love me

    the gig was over
    and you were online
    you said nice things
    about my rhymes
    i left a message
    and sang these lines
    for you to listen to
    in real time

    do you think that you love me

    I have a new band
    we rock on
    we all wear Raybans
    to hide from the throngs
    but the face I miss
    in the audience
    is your face I look for
    so I can ask

    do you think that you love me



  • 04:05 Lyrics One of Your Traps

    One of Your Traps
    by Patrick Ames. © 2015. All rights reserved.

    I don't know where you're going with that
    But it sure looks like one of your traps
    Disguised as something I truly need
    It waits for me insistently

    How much more can I take
    Before my good will breaks
    And I confront you face to fAce
    It's one of your traps

    You left a message on my phone
    It saied that you counldn’t go
    And that I should come to your home
    Oh no, no, no, I can see

    It’s one of your traps
    Just laying around
    And I happen to found
    it was one of your traps
    and I picked it up

  • 04:37 Lyrics America Needs

    America Needs
    ©2015 by Patrick Ames. All rights reserved.

    America needs / No more hatred just policy
    America needs / No more ideologies
    We’re out of luck / And you’ve sold our dreams
    America needs

    America needs / Vibrant inner cities
    America needs / Green valleys, mountains and trees
    But they’re not clean
    No longer pristine
    America needs

    America needs / Abandoned children to be seen
    America needs / To be done with this cruelty
    It's not sublime
    Inexcusable crimes
    America needs

    America needs / A future of frugality
    America needs / To re-examine harmony
    If we could only
    Treat the land as holy
    America needs

  • 05:19 Lyrics Mutually

    © 2015 by Patrick Ames. All rights reserved.

    I am not the lover you thought you might need
    But I could give you the space for you to breathe
    I may not be the most talkative guy
    More like a poen you tuck inside


    Could it be, opposites agree
    And somehow drift toward love... mutually
    Mutually.... Mutually

    You think of love / as a river to cross
    The bridge we must build / comes at such cost
    I’m like the fish that swims underneath
    thankful for you efforts to span over me


    Could it be, that opposites could agreed
    And somehow drift toward love. ...mutually
    Mutually.... Mutually

  • 06:27 Lyrics You’ll Have to Wait a Little Longer

    You’ll Have to Wait a Little Longer
    © 2015 by Patrick Ames. All rights reserved.

    The country is hungry
    The people are starved
    For real information on
    Why life is so hard
    What makes us homeless keeps us at our jobs
    So we spend our lives in factories that run
    and wait for opportunities to buy
    If what you seek is life's meaning
    You’ll have to wait a little longer

    The earth is warming
    The climate is changing
    population is overgrowing
    Ebola contagion
    We wag our fingers at our own uncertainty
    Then we elect the same politicians
    And they Form more committees
    If what you want is A certain urgency
    You’ll have to wait a little longer

    The woman who comes on your phone is from the Internet
    Says your records are lost and you no longer exist
    She can reboot you get you an IPv6 address
    Then she goes back offline
    Just like everything else

    the earth is warming
    climate is changing
    the country’s hungry
    life is so hard
    we want real information
    the population is over-growing
    it’s all a sudden, it’s all beyond?

    Police brutality
    Racial inequality
    Gender superiority
    All Ignored by our authorities
    What makes societies kill, also makes them sick
    So they write laws that lie
    And try to make them stick
    If what you seek is human equality
    You’ll have to wait a little longer

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