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Reviews for "Like Family"

Excerpt from MTM, Mid-Tennessee Music

"With MIDI guitar synth in tow and the lovely backup vocals of Chana and Mikaela, Patrick dedicates this project to his mother. The sound engineering, courtesy of Mike Schoonmaker, makes each track shine to its fullest potential.It’s worth noting that Patrick’s work as a book editor and publisher adds a distinct flair to his lyrics and songwriting. Be sure you’re paying close attention!

The intro track, I Know What It’s Like, kicks off with a danceable rhythm and classic rock groove. Before the song ends, you’ll know what’s it like to get hooked by a Patrick Ames song.

The dreamy, atmospheric nature of Like Family plays well with the concept of memories transforming into snapshots in the mind as time passes by. Each instrument on this one was played by Ames’ MIDI guitar. The mellow nature and slower tempo allow the vocals to soulfully soar.

Celebrating the courage of those who believe in something so much they will take to the streets to march about it, March On acts as an anthemic ode to protests and the protestors expelling all their energy for their beliefs. Hard hitting drums serve as the marching rhythm while piano, background vocals and a percussive performance paint the soundscape. Audio clips of protests in progress bring us into the environment which inspired this track.

Push The Door Open is probably the catchiest song on this project. Driving rhythms push multiple guitars through infectious melody and memorable lyrics. This song breaks through the doorway that separates who you currently are with you really want to be by digging deep into our senses and pulling on the emotional strings.

Closing out the EP is Robert Mondavi which Ames labels “Wine Country Music”. Aptly so considering the minimalist, saloon style piano melody that sets the pace and atmosphere for a chorus that sounds like a family gathering around the ivory keys, wine glasses full, enjoying every second together as they toast to what they love most."

From Stereo, Sept 2017

"This EP is fantastic, really – it brings about such great vibes, a feeling of joy and togetherness; both of which are incredibly important and far too often forgotten about, particularly in light of recent world events.

Beginning with I Know What It’s Like, the music comes through with a simple, uplifting rhythmic, a stylish and effective guitar riff and bass line, and then to bring the concept to life is Patrick’s classic and genuine leading vocal. The melody is superb, and the lyrics offer the essence of the concept. You can always share your darkest times with me. The song has a great hook, the sort you’ll be singing along to even after the music has stopped.

The EP’s title track sets sail with a slightly more mellow or even dreamlike energy. The leading riff has a similar style to it, and production wise the output in its entirety has a distinct thread, consistent throughout the collection. This song though offers a fresh melody, a fresh story line, a familiar and warm sentiment, and a gentler, enjoyable vocal performance that approaches the subject matter beautifully. The story telling, as always, is authentic and soothing to listen to. The simplicity of this track has a certain charm that suggests a live, solo acoustic performance would portray its positivity and character equally well and with a wonderful touch of intimacy and realness.

March On furthers the variation on the project, that guitar style – the quickness of the notes – remains, and there’s a welcome piano part that adds a pleasant smoothness. The opening melody for this song is superb. The build up, the ascending notes, the changes, the lyrics featured at each moment – the craftsmanship of it is sublime. Ever the professional and skillful songwriter, Patrick Ames arranges his musical offerings in a way that captivates, calms, even surprises on occasion, but always hits the mark. This particular song deals with the inspiring courage of protesters. It has the lyricism and developing melody-line of a timeless classic, and the additional, scene-setting audio samples make for a pretty atmospheric experience.

The uplifting or inspiring energy of the collection comes through intensely with the song Push The Door Open. The title and concept is relevant to so many of us who dream or aspire to be somewhere or be doing something in particular, or who frequently ponder the pathways of the world. It’s a memorable idea, and the music brings a certain urgency and passion that reminds you to take action.

Described by the artist as wine country music, the final song of the Like Family project – Robert Mondavi – is a raw and organic, live sounding song, with a simple yet gorgeous piano part, and a series of layered vocals that re-highlight that element of togetherness and the sheer joy of spending time with those you consider to be family. The music is so peaceful that it has the effect of stopping you in your tracks, making sure you’re doing nothing else in this moment, only listening, considering, feeling calm and optimistic.

It’s a powerful way to finish, and as mentioned – this new project is fantastic, from start to finish. Patrick Ames has a way with words and melodies that really connects with audiences, the sort that deserves to be heard simply because it would be a great shame for you to miss out on it. If you’re lucky enough to live locally, make sure to follow Patrick via the social media links below and look out for any live appearances in the coming months.

Reviews for EP, "Four Faces"

Excerpt from IndieMusic Plus, April 4, 2017

“This Small Town” is ready for the radio in my opinion. Catchy, poppy, groovy, and an all around fun tune to listen to. Anyone who is into straightforward acoustic folk-rock then give this EP a listen. Again, as Patrick keeps cranking out new tunes his skills are getting better. I remember in previous projects I struggled to hear the instrumentation clearly sometimes, but I can tell he has put a ton of practice into this production. On “The Meaning Of Life” these skills are self evident. Listen in the background, do you hear the female vocalists? They add the perfect ambience over the music not only on the “aaahhhs” but also in the one-word harmonies sparsely sprinkled throughout the verses." - JoeJoe Keys

Excerpt from Mid-Tennessee Music, April 24, 2017

"Patrick Ames is in a lane all his own. Adapting and using the MIDI guitar synth allows Ames to add a very unique style and flair as he plays non-guitar instruments with his sweet sounding Gibson Hummingbird. With a strong crew of background vocalists thrown into the mix, Four Faces is a refreshing, unique and must-add album to your indie music collection." - Joshua Smotherman

Excerpt from, March 1, 2017

"While all of the songs on Four Faces are seemingly very different from one another, Ames manages to carefully thread rock, gospel, and R&B together to take his listeners on a complete, albeit condensed, journey. As always, Ames is putting it all out there. As singer, songwriter, producer, and general musical jack of all trades, you are getting 100% of him with every track he puts out. It is a commitment to music that is rare in what has become an industry inundated with prepackaged performers rather than artists who are devoted to their work. With a sound and a style that transcends generations and an unmatched authenticity, Ames continues to be a refreshing addition to the indie scene."

Excerpt from Stereo Stickman, Feb 19, 2017 by Rebecca Cullen:

"With only four songs in total, the project is short enough to make its mark in an instant, and fortunately it does so by means of an immense collection of moments and vibes and ideas within the writing. The performances throughout are all perfectly appropriate and relevant to the project, and this is the thread holding it all together. The songwriter has a definite sense of certainty and character about his style and his sound, and this is something that quickly becomes familiar.

The music is easy and enjoyable to listen to, even quite refreshing in light of an ocean of much more processed sounding releases. The organic energy of this collection is addictive, and This Small Town is a beautiful way to bring the EP to a close – the vibe is lovely, reflective, comforting, and the music has, as always, this sense of live performance – of now, of being right here in the moment with you, and of being unappologetically real and honest. A unique and entertaining release, well worth a listen."


Reviews for "Standard Candles"

"You can compare Ames’ music to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty or whoever, but I hear him as a unique indie artist that is being overlooked by the masses. He’s doing all the right things, NOW! He’s writing, releasing new music and gigging to support that music, including promoting it online. You can be assured that he is going to keep releasing new music so keep your eyes and ears peeled.  He is truly defining his own grassroots, alt folk rock genre focused on great songs driven by feeling and acting on the emotions in his music."  -  JoeJoe Keys, Indie Music Plus 

"Laid back and funky. His best work yet." -Indie Music Prime

"Builds off of the work of Dire Straits, Tom Petty and The Eagles; the inclusion of female vocals provides additional depth to an already engrossing effort." - Neufutur


Reviews for "The Free Will in Patrick Ames"

"There is a certain freedom of expression that comes with creating music as a second career. On The Free Will in Patrick AmesAmes shows growth as an artist by offering a wider array of observations against an inclusion of a variety of instruments from the traditional to things like the tuba and accordion. While a pun on Dylan’s breakthrough album title, The Free Will in Patrick Ames is an appropriately named LP as he certainly explores whatever he wants in whatever manner he chooses wether it makes perfect sonic sense to listeners or not. Ames is living outside the standard confines of career expectation and the result is a bumpy roller coaster ride of fun viewed through the lens of someone rediscovering the joy of doing exactly what he wants. And that, is the essence of “free will.”, April/May 2016

"Patrick Ames has grown from a man and a guitar into a full-fledged songwriting presence, incorporating a wide variety of instrumentation and stylings to create a broad spectrum of tracks. The inebriated swagger of opener "Come Back to Me" is precisely where the Dylan comparison can be made, but Ames is less interested in nostalgia than he is in finding his own niche amongst modern audiences. "Hold Me" switches gears into a worldly percussive jaunt that speaks more to direct passion than anything else. The slow-rocking ballad "And The Angels" is a personal favorite of the set, simple and supple and emotive. It reveals the heart of Ames in intimate fashion, seemingly lifted from a live set and transmitted perfectly across platforms. With 10 tracks, The Free Will In Patrick Ames has plenty more to offer; take note of the edgy political despair of "My Nightly Prayers Are Getting Long" and the beautifully written "Tomorrow", two of his best efforts to date."  Kevin Sellers, Music Emissions

"Patrick Ames could easily be dubbed a Bob Dylan wannabe but there is much more to him than that. Patrick has great songs all on his own. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: One of the things I admire about Patrick Ames is his simplistic approach. He hasn’t been in the music industry his entire life trying to “make it." JoeJoe Keys, Indie Music Plus

"As he continues down the path of musical discovery and wisened lyrical orations, Patrick Ames repeatedly finds new avenues to express himself. At the same time, he's more comfortable in his musician's skin, developing sustained moments of outstanding songwriting that show great progression from his past works. At it's best, The Free Will In Patrick Ames is a piece of the heart of the American experience, offs red from someone who's experienced plenty of it. The entirety of the record is more of a mixed bag than a continually superb effort, but this lends more to its charm than anything else; here is a man in his 60's learning to be a musician and teaching us what it means to live through his eyes at the same time. It's an impressive feat each time he puts a record together, and worth the time spent with him." Kevin Sellers, Music Emissions, March 2016

"American singer/songwriter Patrick Ames will be releasing his new album titled "The Free Will In Patrick Ames" on February 29th. Ames was inspired for this album by Bob Dylan and his 1963 breakthrough album "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" and hopes that this album will be his breakthrough into the mainstream."   JP's Music Blog

Reviews for the EP, "Mutually"

"The 61-year-old musician and owner of a vineyard in the past decades has contributed to the preservation of the folk and Americana sound in the California music scene." (Netherlands and Belgium) 

"Patrick Ames just gets better with time. With a distinct voice, a gift for the guitar and a talent for songwriting, he is an Americana folk artist worth checking out. A prolific and compelling storyteller at his core, Ames has the ability to craft songs in a way that paints a picture for listeners while keeping them wanting and waiting for more. Luckily, that wait won’t be too long. He is currently working on his new LP with a tentative release date of February 2016. In the meantime, those in the San Francisco area can catch Ames performing live on Tuesdays at FreeWheel Brewing Company in Redwood City and I highly recommend that everyone download Mutually online." --  Indie

“It's amazing how much music can come out of such simplicity. To me, that can be one sign of a great songwriter and Patrick Ames fits that persona perfectly. This guy has a great style that I really enjoy. He may be a 60 year old man but his sound has that "new vintage" sound that the kids are gonna love! Seriously, this is great songwriting!!” —Joe Liedtke, Indie Music Plus,

With age comes wisdom and, on occasion, a blossoming of new endeavors. Patrick Ames, long influenced by the events and musical historians surrounding him, has created several memorable documents of his perceived "lay of the land", so to speak. Mutuallydoes this once again while branching into subtle new directions that, more than anything, bring the listener to realize that he has more to say the more he plays." -- Kevin Sellers, Music Emissions

"At 60 years young, Palo Alto based musician, Patrick Ames, is putting his money where his mouth is and showing us that it’s never to late to make the music you want to share with the world. Ames’ newest EP, Mutually, will hit every classic rock and singer-songwriter music fan’s sweet spot." -- Shaine Freeman

"These are songs that possess raw power through Patrick Ames’s earnest vocals and the careful arrangements that pepper the collection. Fondness for the blues is apparent throughout the collection as Patrick Ames adds his own unique twist on the sound…On the heartfelt “America Needs” Patrick Ames gives the band a break and sings straight from the heart. Here his lyrics gain a particular poignancy as he explores the many aspects of life in the USA, what governs, what shouldn’t govern, it is rather lovely in its view of the natural beauty that America has in abundance.” -- Skope Magazine

Reviews for Oakville Ontology

> "While Patrick Ames comes across well on his more personalized tracks, the moments of Oakville Ontology that truly stand out are those where he weaves history into modern lessons. This is a rare gift for any musician, but to be so impactful with it at this early stage in his musical journey, Ames deserves to be recognized as one of a sadly dying breed of Americana musicians who aptly serve as musical record-keepers of the gap between the age of analog and digital, the space between a guitar and a dream and crass musical commercialism." -- Kevin Sellers,

> "Patrick Ames kicks out laid back Americana that simply drips with blues infused wooziness. Ames has nailed it to the point where any of these songs could easily find their place on the soundtrack of the next Tarantino film." -- Chris Marsh,

> "The Dylanesque Palo Alto singer-songwriter returns with a thoroughly absorbing new album. Sparse accompaniment and an earnest voice is all Ames needs to hold the listener's attention. This is a powerful, stark album." -- Paul Freeman, San Jose Mercury News

> "Singer/songwriter Patrick Ames doesn’t mince words – he’ll tell you that instrumentally, he’s a “clear-cut rhythm guitarist”. But that’s not where Ames is making his mark." -- Richie Frieman,

> “In the great tradition of angry, socially conscious, singer/songwriters Phil Ochs, Woody Guthrie, and Rage Against the Machine, Patrick Ames has armed himself with a guitar and pen and stepped up to the mic…” -- Cathal Cart, Indie Music

> "Fulfilling, intricate, and will require a number of additional spins before listeners know the full magnitude of what Ames has included here." -- James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine

> "These are songs that have been worked on many times until they were made absolutely perfect." -- Beach Sloth, SKOPE Magazine

> "The new nine-song release is an independent folk gem with a dash of rock flair for good measure."  -- J. Pasinski, JP's Music Blog