All I Do Is Bleed

Patrick Ames

From R&B Downtempo, to American Top 40, to Classical Crossover, to Latin Folk/Pop, the new EP affirms Ames’ propensity to travel through music with his stories and emotions.

A prolific songwriter, the sixty-ish songwriter shares the stage with his two vocalists, Chana and Mikaela, and adds an Argentinian guitarist, Paulo Augustin Rzeszut as he crafts melody and counter melodies, using song, voices, and accoustic guitars.

During the EP project, Ames visited Buenos Aires and brought back mucho Latin inspiration. You can hear it in the tracks, accoustic guitar work and percussion, just like the streets of San Telmo in Buenos Aires. The EP starts with I Want You, an R&B Downtempo with Tango strumming and chord progressions. While You Were Making Babies is a straight-forward Top 40 Radio hit, pure American, pure Ames with voice a ‘crackling. Queen Kae is a Classical Crossover, written for his mother, who was a choral member and vocalist. And Te Amaba Locamente, written in Buenos Aires, allows Mikaela and Ames to duet in Spanish as he roughshod over Latin music in general. It’s fun, it’s fast, and there isn’t a single protest song in the batch, making this EP a gift of thoroughly enjoyable songwriting.

Seek Ames out in the SF Bay Area as he plays in small venues and ignores the music scenes.

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All I Do Is Bleed - Studio Outtakes

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