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This website features songwriter Patrick Ames. His music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other music outlets. The newest studio recording will be Liveness (April 2020);  with the others being All I Do Is Bleed April 2019;  Affettuosos, April 2018. Like Family released Sept 2017.  Four Faces was released in Feb 2017, and Standard Candles in 2016.

Patrick transcends generations as a songwriter and performs with a percussive style of guitar work and a DIY recording style that accents the recording as another instrument.  He plays in the San Francisco Bay Area erratically, typically at smaller venues where he can interact with the audience. 

To the trade: The music of Patrick Ames is published by the artist. All rights reserved. BMI.  To CONTACT Patrick: send an email to: patrick at the domainname of this place.  Bloggers, Writers, Editors: See The EPK on this Site.  Follow Patrick on Twitter @patrickames

Liveness - 04/04/2020, pre-sale 03/15

On Liveness, Ames use DIY recording techniques with lots of live mics, whether it's vocals or his accompanied guitar. It's as live as you can be. "It's was like recording the process of songwriting," and to be sure the songs are lovely, emotional, and melodic. Welcome to the  musical space Ames has built using live sound and compound lyrics. He inhabits the spaces with stories and rifs of life, and it's all fresh, alive, and vibrant, with enough soul to want to listen to again.  6 tracks.

All I Do Is Bleed

Patrick Ames’ newest EP is a gift of 4 tracks, a mashup of styles, voices, and lyrics. From R&B Downtempo, to American Top 40, to Classical Crossover, to Latin Folk/Pop, the new EP affirms Ames’ propensity to travel through music with stories. A prolific songwriter, the sixty-ish songwriter shares the stage with his two vocalists, Chana and Mikaela, and adds an Argentinian guitarist, Paulo Augustin Rzeszut. 

"Patrick Ames, Chana Mathews, and Makaila Matthews are priceless. They exude what the essence of a love for music is all about…Raw…Regal…and Real. I love it." - Sherryl Craig

“Ames manages to communicate so much depth of feeling with so little in a brisk EP that leaves you begging for more.” Cody Conard, The Big Takeover Magazine

"All I Do is Bleed harkens back to a form of record creation of decades past which is much looser than anything being released today. At first, it catches you off guard when the lyrics and changes aren't coming where your mind expects them but given a few listens, the album's unbound nature is refreshing." Jon C. Ireson,

All I Do Is Bleed is excellent, rife with tasty innovative melodies, stellar vocal harmonies, and velvety, infectious harmonics.” -  

“I Want You” opens on low-slung R&B flavors and when the melody takes hold, the tune oozes Latin tango savors, slow and sensuous. Ames’ voice exudes intense urgency and passion. Rzeszut’s delicious guitar infuses the tune with smoldering hues, warm and glistening.  Raised by Cassettes

"Silky, impassioned vocals flit across the background while Ames’s voice and tangoing guitar lines duel for space." -

"Patrick Ames always, unequivocally writes from a place of genuine emotional depth, yet never without making certain the music embraces the listener along the way. Another uniquely interesting and enjoyable release." - Rebecca Cullen,

"This music vibrates through you as you listen.  The guitar is warm and full of bass and boldness.  The vocals hum like monks in a seminary, pure and aching and transformative.  Just gorgeous. I love this EP.  It’s quirky and clearly deeply personal and full of memory.  Music should be like that, don’t you think?  At it’s best all art should be like that…"  by Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros. April 3, 2019 NOHO Arts District.

“All I Do Is Bleed is a completely genuine and utterly raw display of emotion. Ames’ musical expertise mingles with decades of life experiences and captures the intimate and chaotic beauty of human life on Earth. The tranquility of Spanish inspired guitar riffs blended with vocals that drip with emotion remind us all to take it easy once in a while and enjoy our float on the rock.” Carolyn Fasone, Atwood Magazine, April 4, 2019

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Affettuosos EP - 2018

The new 5-track EP, "Affectuosos".  Now available, May 2018.

“Over plaintive piano lines and a wonderfully spacious ballad structure Ames weaves a glorious web of vocals, twin leads, sumptuous harmonies, complementary and contrasting ranges and ethereal washes.  Oh Penelope is is nothing short of a workshop on just how much you can do with the voice.” A&R Factory.

"This is an easy way to spend a half hour. Patrick Ames is no stranger to songwriting and this latest EP offers some of his most beautiful and interesting works to date." Rebecca Cullen, StereoStickman

“For my newest project I wanted to slow life down. The past year has been filled with stress and bad politics.  I wanted a soft, warm sound, what I call “hip coffeehouse,” in direct contrast to the barrage of rap, EDM, and hip-hop that is seemingly everywhere.  I returned to one of my songwriting mentors, Antonio Carlos Jobim, for inspiration, and indeed there are warm afternoons, one-finger pianos, soft acoustic guitars, and pervasive percussion." - patrick

Like Family EP

Like Family, EP, 5 tracks, Sept 2017

The newest EP from songwriter Patrick Ames, dedicated to his mother, features the artist on a MIDI guitar synthesizer with Chana & Mikaela Matthews on backup vocals.  The dedication is serious but the music is ruckus, joyous, and always circling the "family."

"I Know What It’s Like, kicks off with a danceable rhythm and classic rock groove. Before the song ends, you’ll know what’s it like to get hooked by a Patrick Ames song." - Joshua Smotherman, Mid-Tennessee Music, December, 2017

"The EP is fantastic, really. – it brings about such great vibes, a feeling of joy and togetherness." - Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman, August, 2017.  "The build up, the ascending notes, the changes, the lyrics featured at each moment – the craftsmanship of it is sublime."


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Four Faces EP