This website features songwriter Patrick Ames. His music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other music outlets. The newest studio recording will be Liveness (April 2020);  with the others being All I Do Is Bleed April 2019;  Affettuosos, April 2018. Like Family released Sept 2017.  Four Faces was released in Feb 2017, and Standard Candles in 2016.

Patrick transcends generations as a songwriter and performs with a percussive style of guitar work and a DIY recording style that accents the recording as another instrument.  He plays in the San Francisco Bay Area erratically, typically at smaller venues where he can interact with the audience. 

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Liveness - 04/04/2020

On Liveness, Ames uses DIY recording techniques and  live mics to move as close as you can to the process of songwriting."  He builds   musical spaces and inhabits them with compound lyrics. These are stories of life with lots of social commentary. It's all fresh, alive, and vibrant, with enough soul to want to listen to again.  6 Tracks..

“Liveness’ opens with ‘Bang Bang Bang,’ driven by hints of gospel, it advocates for the ending of gun violence through blazing vocal harmonies. Ames preaches for peace." - Karen Benardello, Shock'Ya

"It's apparent his influence is the great jazz and great grandfather of rap, Gil Scott-Heron." Musik Beat Magazine

"Liveness" delivers cool soundscapes with infectious rhythms, as well as sleek visceral colors, and the inimitable deluxe voice of Patrick Ames."

“The thing is, dude has some beats that slump along almost by themselves, such as on “Want to Believe” — that bass pounds on the fattest track of the year so far, regardless of the genre.” Deuce

Sound Engineer's Notes (Jon Ireson)   "Patrick's ethos for the Liveness album was to convey the energy of live performance so, from a mixing standpoint, we sought to leave in all the quirks and personality, particularly of the acoustic guitar. Strings twang and squeak, voices strain and break but it all works together to make for a more soulful record. Patrick is weaving together several different styles on this album, from bossa nova to slow jam to Gil-Scott Heron-inspired funk. The trick was to find that through-line to tie it all together and in the end, it was that “liveness”, that raw authenticity, that makes it feel like a cohesive record."

Chana and Mikaela Matthews outside the studio.

Chana and Mikaela Matthews outside the studio.


Patrick Ames

"Liveness is a sound I'm after, one that elicits authenticity and a live connection to the world, and immediately that approach to recording inspired several songs of social consciousness. But as the sound grew, so did the ambition of the album, and it allowed me to write interesting stories and vignettes. I didn't want a Live album, nor did I want a studio-producer album, I wanted a mix so that listeners could hear something different." - Patrick Ames, 04/2020

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