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Songwriter, Patrick Ames' music is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and your favorite  music outlets. The newest studio recording is a single, Somehow I'll Find a Way, with Harmonium (June 2022); The Virtualistics (June 2021); with  Liveness (April 2020), All I Do Is Bleed April 2019;  Affettuosos, April 2018;  Like Family released Sept 2017.  Four Faces was released in Feb 2017, and Standard Candles in 2016.

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New Single!  Somehow I'll Find A Way

April 14, 2023

Produced by Jon Ireson, "Somehow" is a visit to Americana. The campy song involves a songwriter writing a song about quitting songwriting while driving home from a gig he just quit.  Playful and catchy, you'll be playing and singing this in the car, playing air drums on the steering wheel rim. 


by Patrick Ames. ©2023 All Rights Reserved. BMI. 

Somehow I'll find a way 
To get back home find a place to play 
No more gigs so far away 
I'm driving home 

Somehow we'll get a loan 
I'll find a job we'll buy a home 
no more phones just us alone 
I'm coming home 

I quit my gig tonight 
No one ever came I sang to chairs 
Then they cut my nightly rate 
Put me down as the second bill 
And every night between my sets 
I'd sit alone and think of you 
I'm driving home 
With guitars and microphones 
I quit my gig and I'm coming home 

Somehow I'll find a way 
To get back home find a place to play 
No more gigs so far away 
I'm driving home 
Mile after mile 
on and on through Ohio 
at least its flat 
I'm driving home 

I called the talent agency 
From the lobby of my cheap motel 
I couldn't pay the rent I owed 
Because they never paid me myself 
The agency said they had enough 
for a rental car out of there 
So, I'm driving home 
Full of guitars and microphones 
I quit my gig, I'm driving home 

Somehow I'll find a way 
I'll get back home find a place to play 
I'll get a job I'll work all day 
I'm driving home
Somehow I'll get a loan 
I'll find a job I'll buy you a home 
No more apartments, no more phones 
We'll be alone
Somehow I'll get back home 
I'll find some money I'll work alone 
I'll get a job I'll find a way 
I"m driving home 
How wide is ohio 
siri how wide is ohio 
how wide is ohio 
I'm trying to get home / I'm driving home 
Somehow I'll find a way 
To stay at home find a place to play 
No more gigs so far away 
I'm driving home


Harmonium - June 1, 2022

Produced by Jon Ireson
Recorded Dec 2021 - April 2022

Harmonium is the title of Wallace Stevens’ first book of poetry (1923) and I happened to be reading it while in my music studio about a century later, during the 2021-2022 Omicron virus wave. The poems were inspiring so I borrowed the title for a new music project and then buried myself alive for about three months trying to emulate the inspiration. I was also trying to ignore the news, the virus wave and then the war in Ukraine, trying to be positive, inspired, busy. As such, there are no grand overarching themes in this new LP. Only a purposeful exploration of what I want to matter again. That’s why there’s Grace, the LP’s finale. 


Produced by Jon Ireson 
Patrick Ames: Guitars and vocals 
Jon Ireson: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Producer 
Chana Matthews: Backup vocals



The Virtualistics - June 16, 2021

Produced by Jon Ireson. 
Recorded May 2020 - May 2021. 

The Virtualistics. The band never met. We never met during a difficult pandemic year. The four of us never practiced together. We didn't sing together nor did we pre-plan the final sound. We were virtual entities, duly recording our tracks on various home devices and sending them in for assembly. Those famous photographs of The Virtualistics, studious musicians playing on stage, hard working in the studio, those tired looks of a fifth take, none of that happened. We never sang or played together. 

Eight tracks recorded during the pandemic by The Virtualistics.

Songwriter Patrick Ames continues to evolve his lyrically potent signature cocktail on the new single, "Somehow I'll Find a Way.”  Releases April 14, 2023.