Standard Candles

Patrick Ames

In Standard Candles, Patrick Ames performs hip, lively songs with an all new band, backup singers, and a fabulous new recording session. The veteran singer-songwriter has written and produced his most entertaining set of new standards to date.

‘Standard Candles’ is a scientific (astronomy) term for stars of a known and unchanging brightness, that are used to determine the luminosity and distance of other stars, and Ames says he “created a band that can musically apply that star-like standard criteria.” For example, listen to the first minute of the rather hip-sounding You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore and you’ll quickly discover there’s a songwriter on duty — lyrics about escaping from an abusive relationship, complete with sirens. Track 2,Want to Believe, has this inescapable James Brown-like groove while the lyrics question society’s religious-like belief in technology. In Choreography, it’s a story of a ballet between two future lovers, beautifully interpreted by the soaring vocal work of Ames and his backup singers.

NOTE: This is one project you may want to listen to all the tracks, because on track 4, In Nashville, it’s the battle between two songwriters in a post-romantic public war, and on track 5, I Love Your Feet, it’s a kinky-sex classic not heard since Randy Newman’s You Can Leave Your Hat On. Track 6, A Love You Can Store, true to Ames’ age, is the best 25th wedding anniversary song you’ll ever hear, while track 7, What Comes Out of Your Mouth, is an addictive sing-along party song, except it’s inspired by our current U.S. Presidential candidates.

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